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Automatic Male Blowjobsex Masturbators Machine Hands Free - Male Self Sucking Toys for Men 7 Vibration/Suction,Sex Toy for Men 3D Textured Realistic Pocket Pussy Stroker and Penis Pump
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The newest sex toy for men is not only an electric masturbator but also a penis training device for daily exercise.
With the latest powerful motors (contains 2 super power motors), the masturbator offers pure, fixed ga-ran-tie for long-term high-performance operation.

With 7 suction modes, 7 vibration modes and a one-button suction mode, this masturbator offers various play options.
You can choose from a total of 49 different combinations. In terms of health, masturbation has been shown to have several benefits. For example, to reduce stress, to lower the risk of prostate cancer and to help you fall asleep, since one usually feels relaxed and sleepy after an orgasm.

One-button powerful suction
How does a strong vacuum feel? The sensitive penis feels like it is being swallowed and sucked by waves. Different pressures bring you the experience of real oral sex that is very stimulating to your brain. Let yourself be immersed in the excitement and joy of sex, like with a delicate woman completely indulging in desire.

Specially designed for European men -17.5 cm super deep simulation channel, ergonomic, brings you the depth that other similar products cannot offer you.
This automatic pocket pussy has an emptying feature that makes everything so realistic. When using this electric masturbator, your penis will be tightly wrapped, licked and swallowed so that you can enjoy sex and oral sex at the same time.

3D channel design
The compact and sexual canal was designed after repeated testing most professional sex toy designer. It is made of non-toxic and odorless polymer TPE material (meets food grade hygiene standards, can be washed and used repeatedly). Mimicking the va-gi-nal contraction of young women, gently wrapping your penis 360 degrees (most similar products can't offer this wrap-around feeling), while feeling the comfort of smooth skin, it gives you more intense plung

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